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Home of "Portrait of a Waiting Child":

...."Portrait of a Waiting Child" eloquently captures the ranges of feelings exhibited by children who are unwittingly caught in the maze that is the Child Welfare System in America. Like a race car going 0-60mph, the poems in this book take you from despair and anger to hope and promises of a future, in the turn of a page."

Ann Christian, MSW LISW, Adoption Consultant, State of Ohio


Home of  And Still, "They Wait"

...And Still "They Wait" is painfully honest, no matter what perspective you read it from. It strips the Child Welfare System to the core and exposes it; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Gives everyone reading it choices and options and the hope that comes from action. Finally someone with the courage to call it what it is—no holds barred. Stand Up! 

  Mary Ann Wilson, LSW, State of Ohio





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  • Ten-Step Training Manual of Excellence "The Common Sense Approach"
  • Ten steps (a recruitment tool used to find quality foster care providers—for the not-for-profit agency with a limited budget)
  • Saving Urban Cities from Thug Culture Training Module: Keeping our Children and Neighborhoods Safe
  • On site training available. Looking for a Motivational Speaker, Author, Poet and Trainer/Recruitment material, contact us today. Only offered outside the State of Ohio
  • Violence Prevention Seminar: Keeping Our Children Safe on School Grounds (A simple, yet complete and affordable plan for The Large and Troubled Municipal School District)





Invest in Your Community and Save Your Region!

Giving People What They Want and Supplying  the Demand!

Project 21,000 of "Pure" Excellence Inc.  (a not for profit ) - Regional Progressive Movement Organization implemented to "Saving America's Urban Cities" from crime and criminal activities.  A Program Model is available to elected officials and stakeholders who are interested in investing in the general welfare and safety of their designated region and schools.  

A full demonstration of "Saving America's Urban Cities" 60 page Program Model Guide is now available. Only 15 copies printed (A costly, yet affordable plan for the entire region) .Invest Now, and Save your Community Today!

Please visit for a snippet of Project 21,000 

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September 2011

 Ohio's First Foster Care Providers' Resource Institute of Excellence

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