"Soft on Crime"

Dear Mr. Kevin Conwell,

For the past several years, I have sent you letters regarding "Keeping our Neighborhoods Safe". I have asked you to take time out of your busy schedule to meet with members of our organization to discuss, review, analyze and interpret data that could produce a "Safe Cleveland". It appears that you are ignoring  assistance from the community when in fact it is the community that will determine whether crime will continue to soar in this region or begin to diminish. It is not enough to say that the crime rate is down and the city is safe when in reality we know that many criminal illnesses are either not reported or under reported. Unethical behavior and criminal activity run rampant in our community daily.

As I have informed you as well as other city council members and the Cleveland Municipal School District, this will not be another year where our organization sit idle watching our city and schools fall by the waste side due to political rhetoric, corruption, false hopes and dreams; for the time is now. We have collected data, analyzed this data and interpreted the data so that we could put together the most comprehensible safety plan for any Urban City.

The question to be asked is not whether the "City is Safe" but "How Do We Keep Our Citizens Safe".

We hold a plan that has been thoroughly researched to answer the latter.

Our organization will be unveiling this plan to local community activist and residents in March 2010. We will also unveil our cost effective proposal for the Missing Unit  Report Bureau of which this city desperately need.