Dear Friends,

Call for Action!

Join Us and No Longer Support the Call & Post Newspaper!

The Black Woman Deserve Respect! You can call me Aunt Jemima II. For I did not support Issue 5. The USA is built on the concept of Democracy - which means that all people regardless of race (George Forbes) have a right to chose freely - free of any and all forms of intimidation and racial attacks. NAACP President Forbes and Connie Harper of the Call & Post Newspaper are wrong to racially demean and politically "lynch" State Senator Nina Turner for supporting Issue 6. Black women and the community at large clearly does not support their juvenile behavior. The NAACP must terminate Forbes and Don King should "promote" Harper to the opportunity of unemployment. For Now is the Time!

Kimberly F.Brown, CEO
Project 21,000 Inc
Doveside Promotions LLC