Election season is over and it is quite obvious that regional leaders don't mind neglecting the community because electors don't matter. Speaking out in reference to overwhelming social illnesses is past due. Unemployment is constantly rising, our school systems are failing our students and families, crime is increasing and our elected officials sit back and make excuses as if there are no realistic resolutions. More sadder, electors have bought into the process of the mantra "It is what it is". Well, let me be the first to say, it doesn't have to be this way.

    Project 21,000 Inc and Doveside Promotions LLC created a Safety Module for saving urban cities and its schools. Thus far, we have written letters to Cleveland Council President Martin Sweeney and Safety Chair Councilman Kevin Conwell. We have asked both these individuals to review plans of Project 21 to save our community from illnesses running rampant. In addition, CMSD's Safety Chief Lester Fultz has received snippets of the safety plan for schools.

    As we approach the new year, it is our expectation that elected leaders and safety forces will implement Project 21000 into their daily safety task force structure to aid in keeping our neighborhoods and schools safe; for it is matter over mind because residents in this region matter -  regardless of what elected minds may believe! 

   Project 21,000 will keep the public abreast as to who's really interested in investing in our neighborhoods!