Dear Councilman Kevin Conwell, 

Recently, I sent you a letter regarding a viable safety plan for the entire region. It is my hope that you and Council President Martin Sweeney have taken the time to prepare and discuss the safety needs of our neighborhoods. Project 21,000 is readily prepared to meet with you to discuss the safety needs of our city as well as propose methods of researched proactive prevention techniques that will decrease criminal activity if not rid our region of ill elements. For your information, Project 21,000 has already pitched an available plan to CMSD and will be aggressively following up with Chief Fultz to assure that workable measures are considered in effort of keeping our children, and staff safe. As stated in the letter of which you received approximately 30 days ago, our communities depend on elected officials to keep residents safe as we all are invested in the process of receiving the best quality services possible!

The entire program of Project 21000 will be introduced to the Cleveland Community early 2010 with mentions of those who have had the opportunity such as you to review snippets of the plan.  Your feed back is valuable to us as we will consider during our open presentation to community leaders, residents, activists, members of the media and decision makers abroad.


I look forward to speaking and meeting with you directly after the holiday to follow up on this safety project. Please visit our site at or