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About  Kimberly F. Brown and Doveside Promotions LLC 





Powerful, Passionate and Provoking Motivational Speaker, Advocate, Poet and Trainer.

Founded in 2003, Doveside Promotions, LLC  is an independant organization examining and challenging "systems" to stand up and take action against any and all injustice(s) with a special interest in support of all waiting children, global foster care and civil rights. Through people, politics, poetry, and prose, Doveside Promotions strives through excellence to ignite an urgent national dialogue about the foster care welfare "system."  We believe that all children deserve to have a home, whether it is for a second or a lifetime. Furthermore, we promote that negative labels destroy the soul while positive labels promote the goal.  Human beings, whether adult or youth, are not "special needs"just special people who deserve special opportunities that lead to possibilities of growth, encouragement, empowerment, and success.


The organization's founder, Kimberly F. Brown, is a Former Licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio. However, Brown is known most as the "Dove" because of her 18-year-old career in Gospel Radio. Brown is also the First African American Woman to run for Mayor for the City of ClevelandElection Year 2005.  Ms. Brown is a very compassionate and thought-provoking writer, inspirational - motivational speaker, and advocate for all waiting children. Brown has a weeping heart for all children who have been left behind. Through her writing, community involvement, and speaking engagements, Brown hopes to educate, inspire, and recruit individuals to foster young people and to retain those who are presently fostering

Through her initial piece Portrait of a Waiting Child to And Still, "They Wait," Brown gives a mental picture of the pain, the corruption, and the hope of adoption and foster care. A heartfelt mixture of sadness and inspiration serve as an inside eye to the mental process these children endure. Doveside Promotions provides a voice for those children who are caught up in the system at no fault of their own and challenges the "system" to take a stand and "stand up" in support of all waiting children. True to its purpose, Brown's creative poetic approach to inoperable "systems" is a lively reminder that social inequality still exists and that something must be done about it! 

Doveside Promotions has revealed the 10-Step Training Manual of Excellence "The Common Sense Approach" on how to recruit quality foster parents—an all-exclusive manual for the small, yet growing, foster care adoption agency.

In August 2010, the established Board of Directors and Brown will launch the Region's First Town Hall Forum through the institute Project 21000 of "Pure" Excellence Inc. Project 21,000 is recognized by the State of Ohio as a not for profit organization. Project 21,000 is a regional progressive movement serving 21 wards building 21,000 members accompanied by 21,000 more voices - Promoting positive social change through education, motivation, inspiration and dedication to "Saving America's Urban Cities " 21 wards at a time. Brown is the Founder of Project 21,000. Brown is please to announce the production - "Saving America's Urban Cities" 60 page step by step - training module. This module is available to national and local leaders who have a sincere interest in decreasing criminal activites and empowering their select communities. Visit p21000.blogspot.com for exclusive details.

Because of Brown's compassion and advocacy for all waiting children and her realization that foster care could not exist without good foster care providers, Doveside Promotions has made a goal to launch Ohio's first Foster Care Providers' Resource Institute of Excellence by the year 2011. Details of the institute are not available to the public at this time. Please stay tuned and re-visit this site as information on the institute develops.   



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