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Project 21,000 of "Pure" Excellence Inc
Cleveland, Cuyahoga County - State of Ohio, United States
Project 21,000 of "Pure" Excellence Inc. is a not for profit progressive movement organization developed to reduce crime activity within our region 21,000 voices at one time. Through education, motivation, inspiration, community entitlement, self empowerment and preservation we strongly believe that all residents will take an active stand and "Stand Up" for America's Cities by confronting issues with positive progressive movement(s) to establish a dialogue between community leaders and the everyday citizen which will in turn lead to a life time of resolutions steered by a sense of community pride. Project 21,000 believes that no one should be excluded from "Saving America's Cities". Project 21,000 welcomes anyone of any age from birth to 100 years of age to confront issues of which are hindering our neighborhoods. Project 21,000 commands 21,000 members and a thousand more voices in every region to finally deliver a safe and nurturing environment for all law abiding residents. We are Project 21,000 of "Pure" Excellence Inc, and we are coming soon to your City! Look out for Project 21,000

10 Steps -Resolutions "Saving our City"

  • At last - Implementation of the 10 point plan "Saving Our Region's Neighborhoods"
  • 10. The Birth of a New Generation
  • 9. The New Growth
  • 8. The Stabilization
  • 7. The Amputation
  • 6.The Break Through
  • 5. The Intervention
  • 4. Open Communication
  • 3.Collaboration and Cooperation
  • 2.The Investment
  • 1. Identification

Project 21,000 PROJECT 21,000 No Plus Intended - Simply Project 21,000

Violence Prevention Seminar:

Learning and Understanding the 3 Types of Thug cultures eroding our communities. Seminar forthcoming, only with Project 21,000

This will be the Most Explosive Seminar within any Region's history. When you are able to identify these individuals you will be able to deal with community illnesses in an effective manner.

Other topics/discussions included:

1. Marketing Solutions - Representing your neighborhood

2. Business Owners - Willingness to give in order to get. - It's all profitable

3. Public-Media Relations - Hey ain't nobody helping me!

4. Self Empowerment, Motivational Inspirational Excellence of Greatness

5. 21 Teams and 1 Mission

6. The Body - What's up with my neighborhood church?...Let's not talk about my the way who is he/she?

7. No Ceilings or Dream Stealer's Allowed

8. Achievement of Prosperity - Who are you being?
.......Leader or Follower?

9. Yes, it's your life---it's not a right----only a mere privilege. So quit poisoning my community!

10. Tell me, why can I pronounce words and yet I can't read?

11. Let's all give the talkers a standing ovation!!!!

12. Understanding Ego(s) and Eagle(s).....Is this causing our community to fail?

13. It's like a Jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.....

14. Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge......

Join Project 21,000

Collectively be part of the solution and help "Save America's Cities" one sidewalk, one corner, one house, one park, one community and 21,000 voices at one time within 21 wards of selected areas !

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