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A Neighborhood in Crisis: E. 123rd Street "House of Horror"

Response to Phillip Morris of the Plain Dealer Newspaper 11/06/09

 Well, I'm a Black Woman and it shouldn't matter what race you are. If you have a plan, I'm willing to listen just as many others. This is not a race issue, this is an issue about leadership, economics, egos' communities and neighborhoods. Just like you, I have a plan, a real plan, a well written researched plan, a safety plan for the entire region "Saving Urban Cities from Unethical Behaviors". I have the only plan in this region, and elected officials in this region rather experience daily tragedies than review this work of workable solutions. You see, it's not that they don't want your help due to you being a white man, they don't want any-one's help because they are self serving. And as for the media, I had the opportunity to speak with the editors of this paper a few months ago and I informed them of horrific smells coming from this neighborhood as well as others - and my comments of information fail on deaf ears. A resident in this neighborhood got into a heated discussions with the councilman a few months ago regarding the smell, and he refused to come out and investigate the matter. Many folks had concerns, and many folks fail to follow through or take this matter serious. So just like you, I'm frustrated with systems who talk a good game, but when it comes to taking care of business - they make decisions on whether or not a life is worth living and a community worth saving! In this case neither!

Project 21,000 has worked directly with high profile cases: 

  • John White of Long Island New York "The Miller Place Shooting"
  • Asa Coons - School Shooting at Success Technical High School
  • Johnathan Douthard -  "Gang Violence injures Good Student"


Workable Plans and Solutions:  Brown Presents Project 21,000 of Pure Excellence INC.,

Global Observation; past, present & future

In the past, initiatives like Project 21,000 were not needed throughout America. Previously, people appeared to be concern about the city of which they resided. They watched over their communities and actively believed that it took a village to raise a child with the same understanding that children needed to be productive so that they would maintain the new village-the new generation of leaders. Unfortunately, somewhere somehow the village keeper failed the children. The village is not being positively sustained. Our communities are infested with mental illnesses, chemical dependency, mental retardation, child abuse, neglect and delinquency. We are now witnessing all of these issues combined in the same youth who physically develops within an adult body and is captured in a “retarded state”.  Because of these trying times of which we live, people in our communities need more than a pep talk and fancy slogans when they are having difficult moments. Residents are crying out for help, multiple variables are running rampant and most people in life adjusting professional paid positions are not able to deal with issues of this magnitude due to lack of dollars, ineffective resources and support of which is received from our governing systems.

Project 21,000 strongly believe that every citizen between the ages of birth to 100 plus deserves the right to live in safe, nurturing and productive communities regardless of their race, creed or color. Project 21,000 further believes that all citizens should receive necessary resources and support within a timely fashion. 


Crime is on a rise and criminal activities are being committed by individuals who are educationally, morally, mentally and ethically challenged. Thug culture has taken over our neighborhoods, schools, churches and businesses. And our young people are suffering from abuse, abandonment, trauma and neglect. Today’s society is witnessing a culture of disrespect and carelessness. Television, radio, billboards, the Internet, concerts also add to this “Thug” culture which has had a tendency to affect the personality and thought process of many people who glamorize immorality as a source of power, control, respect and strength. Project 21,000 understands that mere characteristics of an over exposed (or under exposed) community such as violent, drug afflicted, unkempt conditions can strongly influence how residents and others perceive their environments be it unsafe or not. Perception of any ideal, thought or strategic movement will become different realities to all individuals based upon the culture and tolerance (of ill acts) within the community.

Project 21,000 has identified three types of “Thug” culture destroying our families, schools and the community at large. Project 21,000 believes that when people are able to identify with all three, they are able to identify obstacles and barriers hindering their progress and once identified, people will become self empowered to discover methods on how to find proper resources to help them achieve their goals. Project 21,000 believes that this same culture was developed due to ongoing political, religious and social mischief. The institutions that were created to protect every day citizens are the same vessels of which have caused most harm to our America’s cities. It is now time to implement active plans within our cities in effort of saving our communities one block, one street, one neighborhood, one county, one state, one region at a time.

Project 21,000 of “Pure” Excellence Inc. believes that no baby, youth, young adult, adult, senior citizen within any community should be left behind. Project 21,000 is confident that once implemented within your community and administered to fit the needs of your city, the past generation will sustain, the present generation will be educated, empowered and motivated to ‘stand up” for their communities and the next generation “coming up” will have a safer and better place to live in.







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